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Rice Crispie Cakes

My calender reminded me today that it was supposed to be our Coffee Cake and Chat morning.  So because I cannot be with you I wanted to share the recipe for the marshmallow cakes.  Please do not use this as a reason not to come to Coffee Cake and Chat.

1 pack of Rice Crispies  (not the expensive ones)

1 bag of marshmallows

1 bar of chocolate.


Melt chocolate in a jug / or bowl over simmering water (I do it in microwave for 1.30 mins - watch very closely. Stir when you check as this melts the chocolate if there are a few lumps)


Put some of the Rice Crispies in a bowl and the marshmallows in another bowl.


Then line them up - Marshmallows, Chocolate, Rice Crispies 

Put cake cases on cooling tray next to Rice Crispies bowl.  To save the planet do not use cup cases and instead put them into the sections of a fairy cake tin to set.


Then get a fork, put a marshmallow on to it.  Dip in the chocolate then in the rice crispies then on the tray.  


Allow to cool - resist eating them at this point!  I hide mine in the fridge to stop them being eaten before they are set.


Scraps - inevitably there will be a little chocolate left over and some crispies.  My mum would mix the chocolate and rice crispies together, add sultanas and then divide them into cup cases and these would be called the scrappies.


Remember if you get a pink marshmallow they are lucky!