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PE Learning for all



Hello Mr Young here!


As the days go by, I'll be keeping in touch by offering PE ideas you can do at home. Try and ensure physical activity is part of your daytime routine.

Weekly, I will be putting a challenge for the children to complete. In the meantime, below are a few ideas to get you active. Enjoy!


w/c 22nd February

Skipping Challenge

I hope we have all had a good half term. I would like to challenge  you this week to see how many completed star jumps you can complete in 20 seconds. See the video demonstration below. Send your scores into your teacher and let's see who is top of the class!


Stay safe.

Mr Young

Half-term Competition

w/c 8th February

Hampshire School Games Daily Challenges 

This week Hampshire School Games have a range of daily challenges for you to attempt, They are a guide and can be completed in any order! Also below is another Chance to Shine cricket session this Wednesday. 


Have a go and send your videos and photos to ClassDojo. It has been great to see and hear all of your run for Ray 2k challenges last week-keep it up! 


Stay safe.

Mr Young

Hampshire School Games Daily Activities

Chance to Shine Live! This Wednesday (10th February).

w/c 1st February - Run for Ray

Many of our community will have known Ray Scovell who sadly passed away last week. Ray has been Mr Athletics on the Isle of Wight for nearly 30 years. He joined the Isle of Wight Athletics Club in 1993 when the track had just been built, and has coached many of our children, parents and several staff members too, along with numerous International athletes.


One of his biggest legacies is Medina IOW Parkrun which regularly sees over 300 runners jogging or walking 5km, and this has always involved many of our school community past and present. He recently began to focus on Junior Parkrun, as getting children involved in running and athletics has always been a huge passion. 


He was a inspiration for a lot of people and for this weeks challenge, I would like you to complete your own Junior ParkRun, Ray's latest project. This consists of a 2km run (or walk), an achievable but challenging distance for most children. You can this do this in one go, running or walking, or even in sections.


I look forward to hearing how you get on! 


Have a good week. Stay safe.


Mr Young

Chance to Shine Live! This Wednesday (3rd February).

w/c 25th January 

Teddy Bear Challenge

This is a simple challenge, which you can develop into your own unique workout at home.  Simply place 3-4 teddy bears, or similar, on the floor. Then begin to come up with a range of exercises. From jumping, hopping, really is up to you. Do it every day and see if you can beat your previous score!


Have a go and send your videos and photos to ClassDojo. It has been great to see all the range of activities you completed last week. 


Stay safe.

Mr Young

Teddy Bear Challenge

Still image for this video

Hampshire Games Weekly Challenges

w/c 18th January 

Fitness around the home...and help your family too!

Did you know the average person burns 225-300 calories per hour painting furniture alone? It got me thinking... what activities could you do around the home to help your family, and keep fit at the same time. I am currently updating our coat cupboard, and Tom and Ruby decided to help with the painting! 


Have a go and send your videos and photos to ClassDojo. Well done and your balloon challenge Last week!


Stay safe.

Mr Young

Still image for this video

 Home Panathlon is a series of inclusive challenges which can be played indoor or outdoor. Please click on this link - This will lead you to Home Games and Garden Games , which are available now.



Youth Sport Trust after school clubs starting this Thursday. From 5pm. Can watch previous clubs on their YouTube page.

Balloon Challenge

Still image for this video
w/c 11th January

Back in March I set weekly home challenges (with a little help from my children). We are back again!
This week....balloon challenge.
My children had lots of fun playing with a couple of balloons as you can see in the video. Some more successful than others! I challenge you to show me what skills you have with a balloon (could use rolled up socks or maybe a toilet roll if you have no balloons in the house). You can see Ruby wanted to see how many times she could juggle with her hands and Thomas with his feet. Thomas then wanted to see what other parts of the body he could use.

Have a go and send your videos and photos to ClassDojo.

Stay safe.

Mr Young

Chance to Shine Live! This Wednesday (13th January).

PE Home Learning Ideas

Hampshire Games Virtual Competitions - Please have a go and send in your scores and dance videos to your teacher on ClassDojo.

Spell your name and complete the activity for each letter to complete an unusual circuit.