St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

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You may like to share this recipe as it’s easy peasy and very useful, we have been struggling to get yeast and didn’t have any Naan bread to have with our curry so we made these instead. You can also use them as wraps.

300g plain flour
Half teaspoon salt
50g butter
185ml milk
Oil for cooking

1 Combine butter and milk and heat until butter is melted ( we did this in the microwave but you could do it on the hob)
2 Add flour and salt
3 Stir together then get your clean hands in to bring the mixture together.
4 Knead on a floured surface until smooth (this only takes a few minutes)
5 Cover in cling film and rest for about 30 minutes
6 Dust work surface in flour and cut the rested dough in to four (this makes four big flat breads but you could make more smaller ones)
7 Roll out the flat breads so the are about half centre meter thick (roughly, you don’t need to be too exact)
8 Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook for 1-1 and half minutes, it will bubble up and look pretty cool! Then flip over and cook the other side.