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Diary time with Mrs S and Cookie

Hello children.  How are you feeling this Tuesday?  Have you had a chance to make dens?  One of my favourite things to do as a child was to make dens.  I would create my own magical worlds from boxes, throws and twigs.  Inside or out, I had such adventures!  Can you make a den today (if your grown up says you can.  Remember if it is not convenient today - it may have to wait until another day when it is convenient)  and write your diary inside.  Describe your den and how you have made it.  What can you see from your den and what adventures will you have in your den.  See if you and your grown up can have a snack in your den together.  Ask them about their favourite den.  Here are some dens from today.  If you are able to send me a photo ( or draw a picture of it in your diary.


I have put some more songs and worship ideas on the website for you today.  Have a look and see what you want to use.  Remember it is still Lent so the colour is purple.  Maybe you could create a prayer space at home.  


I think of you every day at 10.09am when my alarm goes off.  I look forward to seeing you diaries when we are back at school together.



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Happy Monday morning children.  How are you today?  Did you have a nice weekend?  We did - Cookie and I went for a walk on the beach.  We live 5 minutes away from the beach and when the tide is out you can walk miles away from anyone else.  I love my feet getting wet and looking on the beach for stones and shells.  Cookie loves finding lots of new smells on the beach - He runs from one new smell to another!  We have had some lovely smells in our kitchen today because we made a High Tea.  Do you ever have a High Tea - it is a tea of sandwiches and home made biscuits, cakes and treats!  In our house when we have a High Tea, everyone has to make one thing.  I made a bacon and egg pie (Don't tell anyone but is so easy and looks so impressive!)  and then the children made churros, fairy cakes, dropped scones and cheese scones!  Lots of lovely smells in our kitchen then!


So I wondered if you could write about smells in your diary. As usual I would love you to tell me about what you have been doing over the weekend.  Who were you with?  How did you feel?  What was your favourite thing? Why?  Then tell me about smells!  What is your favourite smell - why?  How often do you get to smell it!  There are other smells that you may really hate!  What are those smells?  Why?  Remember always ask your adults the same questions and include their answers on your diary page.  You can use words, pictures, drawings and sentences.  


Cookie also had a bath at the weekend and now smells BEAUTIFUL!  He is presently sat at my feet gnawing on one of his hide chews.  He wanted me to say hello to you all from him.  He misses seeing you around school.  Here he is just after his bath - looking a little bit bedraggled! 

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Bacon and Egg Pie  - by Grandma 


Ingredients -

Pack of ready made and rolled shortcrust pastry

Pack of ready made and rolled puff pastry

Pack of Cooking bacon (trimmed and cut into smaller pieces)   2 packs if wanting to make a larger pie

Half a dozen free range eggs   8/9 eggs if making a larger pie


Tin or casserole dish

If you roll both pastries a bit more it can stretch to a very large tin or 2 medium ones so that some can be frozen for another meal!


Place uncooked shortcrust pastry in bottom of dish.

Place uncooked bacon so that it covers the pastry leaving a bit of space around the edge so that the top pastry can be attached.

Crack open and place uncooked eggs gently evenly spaced out on top of the bacon (not whisked or whipped, just cracked open)


Gently then cover the eggs (hopefully without breaking them) with the rest of the bacon. 


Then wet one side of uncooked puff pastry and place it wet side down on top of the pie.  Press edges of pie together.


Cut holes in the top.


Put in middle of oven (180 fan) for 45 minutes.  Drop to bottom of oven if cooking too quickly.  Check it is cooked before taking out of the oven.  Pastry should be cooked all the way through.


Gorgeous hot with beans or cold for a lunch with some salad and pickes.



Friday 27th March - Hello Children - how are you?  I have missed seeing you this week.  I hope that you and your families are well.  Haven't we been lucky with the weather this week.  The sunshine makes people smile,  it makes me smile a lot.  Yesterday, Cookie went onto the playground after everyone had left and chased a tennis ball around.  He loved it!  Here he is exhausted after all his fun.  Have you been following Joe Wicks or Andy's Workouts?  We have at school every day.  Mr Young is also going to put up some PE ideas for you to do whilst you are at home.  The children at the provision have been creating the most wonderful art with chalks.  You use masking tape and stick it on an area (we did it on the logs in our forest school area) and then colour in the different sections.  Once you have completed it, you take off the masking tape and this is what you have created.  Why not try this at home?  If you do not have chalk try it with crayons on paper.

How are your diaries going?  Read back over what you have written.  Do you feel different today than when you wrote your first entry in the diary? 


For your diary today, I want you to spend 5 minutes looking out of the window (choose any window you want).  Make a list of what you see.  Do you see  - people, cars, birds or animals? What flowers or trees can you see?  Do they have leaves or flowers on? What do you hear - planes, cars, people or birds?  Each week we can do this and see what changes over the weeks.  If you can either draw a picture of what you see or take a photo and add it to your diary.  It would be good to have these so that you can see what changes.  


Have a lovely weekend.  I will speak to you again on Monday smiley

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Thursday 26th March -  Did you find out where the word Wednesday comes from? Now try to find out about Thursday.

I visited Ability Dogs 4 Young People yesterday for the last time for a while.  Cookie is now 7.4kgs!  When he first arrived with us he was 3.8kgs so he has almost doubled in weight!  If you have scales at home what can you find that weighs about the same as Cookie?  Do you remember when Carol visited us and reminded us how to behave towards Cookie?  She is lovely and is the reason we now have Cookie.  The charity does such amazing things.  Now they have to put the charity on pause whilst things are difficult.  So I was wondering if during this time at home all our families in the school and indeed the Island could collect for the charity the bottle tops.  It is  also worth seeing what else the charity can reuse so that we can help them help others!

Cookie was due to be groomed but now is not able to be.  So Carol suggested I tried to do it myself - just around Cookie's eyes because he was beginning not to be able to see through his fringe.  She said only to do it a bit at the time so Cookie does not get frightened.  So I have started doing this … in the picture you will see one eye!  Tomorrow I will have to do the other one!!!

In your diary today can you tell me about something you have to take your time with, something you did slowly and maybe had to try more than once.  

In your diary,  think about how you would introduce your family to Cookie - what nice things would you say about all of them when Cookie meets them.

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Dear Children

How are you today?  It is Wednesday 25th March.  Do you know where the name Wednesday comes from?  Why not look this up with your grown up?

Yesterday in worship we spoke about that we may have washing machine tummies because things are different at the moment.  I asked the children in the provision to look out of the window and see the things that have not changed.  The birds are still flying, the bulbs are still growing and the sun is till shining (and the rain will keep raining!)  When your tummy is feeling a bit wobbly why don't you look outside your window and see all the things that remain the same.  Remember I am still the same!  I am still wearing my heels and wearing my dresses and still singing far too loudly!  Ask your adult if you can plant something outside so you can see how it grows!  Some of you may not have anything to plant at home.  If you don't let me know and I will get a sunflower seed sent to you.


In your diary today - tell me what you have done and who have you done it with.  Share which things have made you feel wobbly since you have been off and also what you do to make yourself feel happier.  Don't forget to do the things that we do in our breathing space.  

24.3.20  Tuesday is usually our Singing worship day.  I am always so proud of the way that you sing. I love the way that we practise a new song for three or four times and then I say "I think you can sing it even louder"  and then you do!

On Monday the children who are in the provision learnt a new song.  I am putting it on the website for you - why don't you learn this song at home.  See if the rest of your family will join you.  It is LOUD! (I have out the words and music below the two pictures at the end of this writing)  In your diary today, as well as telling me about the activities that you are doing, could you write about your favourite song.  Is it a hymn or a pop song?  Does it have words or is a classical piece?  How does the music make you feel?  Does it make you think of a particular person or place?  Why not ask your grown up if they have favourite music?  Why not have a dance around the front room whilst you are singing!

We made a banner to show support for all those adults who are making a difference for those people who are not feeling well.  Today could you make a poster to put up in your front window to share a smile or a heart so that people share happiness?


I am thinking of you every day at 10.09am.  When I see the moon I say a prayer for each one of you.  You are all so special to me.  Take care of you and your families.

Picture 1 Our Banner
Picture 2 Cookie resting after a busy day!

01 - One Thing Remains.mp3

This is the music to go with the PowerPoint which has the words for the hymn One Thing Remains.

Good Morning children - how are you?  Today is the first day of the school closure.  Did it feel strange not coming in to school today.  Some of the children have to be in school.  They are completing their home learning and doing other activities whilst their parents are at work helping people who are affected by the Corona virus.


Your staff are at school and they are planning your next set of learning activities.


Cookie has found it strange this morning because there were not very many people here.  I thought it would a good idea if I measure Cookie every week.  Then you could see how high he is growing.  He also gets weighed every week so I will let you know that figure as well.


In your diary today, I would like to you to write about this first morning and how it has been different than your usual morning.  Remember to write down who you are, who is in the house with you and think about sharing how  you are feeling about being at home today.  If you use a double page for each day you can continue to add bits to it across the day.  Remember you can draw pictures, stick things in as well as writing.